Pro Edge Labs is a registered Canadian corporation with locations throughout both Canada and the USA. Our corporate headquarters is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. 

As a global leader in the innovative research and development of natural and homeopathic products, Pro Edge Labs continually strives to help improve health and fitness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Pro Edge Labs is involved in a wide range of health products for men and women, including our flagship product – PREXIL – a powerful, herbal supplement widely considered to be the most effective natural premature ejaculation treatment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pro Edge Labs is to promote and develop natural products to help improve health, well-being, and a healthy, rewarding lifestyle. Our goal is to provide consumers with natural alternatives to the many pharmaceuticals and drugs which seem to be prescribed on an ever increasing basis. 

With all the potential harmful side effects and interactions caused by pharmaceutical medications, we believe safe and natural products offer a safe and affordable option versus costly and often ineffective prescription drugs.

As a worldwide leader in natural health products dedicated to safe and effective self-improvement, Pro Edge Labs is a global leader in health product development and distribution. 

We have worked hard to ensure that Pro Edge Labs is a company that you can trust to bring you effective and innovative solutions for better health and a better life.